Restaurant industry leaders Creative Hospitality Concepts Restaurant Group takes over longtime Libertyville restaurant with expansion plans


The new gourmet Italian restaurant, Coppolillo’s Italiano, will occupy the space of Café Pomigliano. Opening summer 2022 under the ownership of foodie influencers and founders of Creative Hospitality Concepts, Angelo Eliades and Steve Coppolillo.

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August 17, 2022

CHICAGO, Aug. 17, 2022 ( –
Experience the taste of Italy in the heart of Libertyville. Coppolillo’s Italiano, slated to open in late August 2022, will offer diners a taste of true Italian culture through cuisine. The menu will include a variety of traditional and modern dishes, all of which have been carefully refined to provide an elegant and memorable dining experience. In addition to food, the restaurant will also offer a selection of fine wines and spirits, making it the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or family. With its sophisticated approach to cuisine and dedication to delivering an authentic taste of Italy, Coppolillo’s new gourmet Italian restaurant is sure to become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Owner and Executive Chef Steve Coppolillo has over three decades of culinary experience in some of the most prestigious kitchens; however, the one he holds in highest regard is his grandmother’s, where Steve discovered his passion for cooking and laid his culinary foundation. Steve is excited to bring his food and culture to the community. The restaurant will be located at 160 East Cook Ave., Libertyville, IL, and it will have a comfortable patio for outdoor dining. The newly coveted location is 5,000 square feet with seating for approximately 100 customers. Chef Steve Coppolillo and co-owner and COO Angelo Eliades plan to take over the adjacent office space connected to the restaurant, increasing its seating capacity by an additional 50 to 60 seats.

“We understand that this space has provided comfort, celebration, and most importantly, great meals for exceptional guests! We intend to continue this tradition and make our mark in Libertyville!” said Eliades, chief operating officer.

After successfully taking over Rosebud Steakhouse during the pandemic from Rosebud Restaurant Group, the dynamic leaders found themselves on the receiving end of positive press, positive reviews and positive reviews. This prompted the creation of a catering group which produces a powerhouse of brands.

The group has already developed several brands: Rosebud Steak, Coppolillo’s Italiano and Windy City Social, as well as marketing plans that will give the group a national dimension in the coming years. The first Coppolillio’s Italiano will open this month in Libertyville.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening, a casual meal with friends, a lifelong fan of Italian cuisine, or just looking for something new to try, this restaurant is sure to have something for you. So, mark your diaries and get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience!


Angelo Eliades and Steve Coppolillo are seasoned veterans of fine dining for over 30 years and focus on experience-based dining. They have an eye for ambiance and palettes to bring priceless plates to the table. Eliades brings his experience and expertise in front-of-house-focused multi-unit operations, while Chef Coppolillo will oversee and lead the group’s culinary vision.

For more information on the expansion of Coppolillo Italiano and other concepts in development, please visit Creative Hospitality Concepts at

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