Restaurant industry joins calls to end curfew before New Year’s Eve

Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) CEO Wendy Alberts says there are several reasons the curfew is no longer needed

“It’s very obvious that hospital admissions are lower and there’s absolutely no impact on the healthcare system at this point,” Alberts said.

“What must be remembered is that confinement and a curfew have been introduced to prepare the health system.

“There is absolutely no scientific data proving that the curfew prevents the spread of the virus and South Africans deserve to be free and to celebrate the New Year legally with their friends and family.

“It will boost industry, boost events and even churches will benefit.”

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Alberts adds that the restaurant industry has done all it can to support the government’s efforts in the fight against the coronavirus.

“We have certainly made every sacrifice over the past two years to support the government and the president in controlling the spread of Covid-19, understanding the virus and assisting and managing the various waves,” said Alberts.

“We hope we will have a reprieve by New Year’s Eve.

“As we have seen with the management of the fourth wave, the public has become responsible and is making informed decisions that protect themselves and their families.”

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Cecil N. Messick