OrderSolutions and ConverseNow offer an AI solution for the restaurant industry

The American restaurant call center OrderSolutions has in partnership with ConverseNow, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for restaurants, to offer an AI/Live Agent ordering solution for the restaurant industry.

With this new solution, companies aim to solve some of the problems faced by the industry, including staffing issues, rising food and labor costs, and detecting every order. telephone.

OrderSolutions Founder and CEO, Nick Tubis, said, “We spent a lot of time reviewing best-in-class technology and determined that ConverseNow’s technology comes first.

“We believe that by combining our respective expertise, we can have a significant impact on the restaurant industry and grow by up to 600% in the coming years. Our main focus right now is to generate average checks, increase revenue, capture all orders, and eliminate missed calls.

“Our service is a game-changer for staffing issues, and the benefits are especially prevalent on holidays. Partnering with ConverseNow complements our benefits and greatly amplifies them.

The new solution offers customers the choice of talking to a human, voice AI, or a combination of both.

The new technology is claimed to help restaurants save almost 60% on labor costs because they won’t have to spend as much money on recruiting, training and retaining employees.

Additionally, the combination of voice AI and live agents will optimize in-store order payments and streamline drive-thru operations as well as restaurant and call-in orders.

ConverseNow Co-Founder and CEO Vinay Shukla said, “Our technology is generations ahead of the frustrating automated systems we’ve all faced, but that doesn’t mean everyone will instantly adopt AI. vocal.

“OrderSolutions will be an essential partner to reinforce that human touch, especially at this stage of our growth.”

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Cecil N. Messick