Lunchbox redefines utility NFTs for the restaurant industry with Sticky’s and Visionary Studios

Sticky’s first NFT loyalty program will launch a one-week presale on July 6, 2022, followed by a public strike on July 13, 2022.

Lunchbox redefines utility NFTs for the restaurant industry with Sticky's and Visionary StudiosNew York, NY ( Lunch boxthe modern ordering system designed to increase online revenue for restaurants, today announced a new partnership with a New York-based fried chicken restaurant Sticky’s. The finger joint and Visionary Studios, a Web3 project development company. The companies are unveiling a new NFT offering called the Hungry Robot Chicken Club. The collection will be available for a one-week presale starting July 6, 2022, and a public mint will follow on July 13, 2022. Additional mint price and location information will be released throughout this week. You can follow project updates via the project’s Twitter account (, the Discord group ( and the Sticky website

Sticky’s and Visionary Studios came up with the concept and development of Hungry Robot Chicken NFT. Lunchbox will power the loyalty component of the Hungry Robot Chicken Club, where NFT holders will have access to exclusive rewards, promotions and merchandise that can be redeemed online via an NFT holder dashboard.

What is the Hungry Robot Chicken Club?

Hungry Robot Chicken Club is a collection of 2,222 unique digital Hungry Robot NFT collectibles living in the Solana ecosystem. Hungry Robot users have access to Sticky’s growing community and exclusive member benefits.

Each Hungry Robot is unique and program-generated from over 100 traits, including color, headgear, food, accessories, and more.

How it works?

Each NFT gives you access to an exclusive club and community whose benefits and offers will grow and evolve over time. Hungry Robot can serve as a digital identity and gateway to the growing Web3 space.

What are the benefits of the CRHC?

Initial perks for Hungry Robot holders include discounts on Sticky’s menu items including legs, sandwiches, baskets, and more, access to merchandise, and more. Benefits will be updated regularly to provide diverse and unique opportunities and utility to each HRCC NFT holder.

Earlier this year, Lunchbox announced the sale of its first NFT virtual restaurant in Bareburger. Since then, NFTs have exploded in popularity, but only a few players have realized any real utility value. Historically, NFTs are used as a loyalty mechanism

“The first wave of NFT was a sea of ​​different collaborators showcasing art and collectibles. The second wave is about utility. We are embracing the second wave with the help of Sticky’s and Visionary Studios by making collide two different worlds: web3 and restaurants,” says co-founder and chief innovation officer, Andrew Boryk. “We’ve conceptualized ideas that are driving the evolution of NFTs. As innovators, we need to understand how utilities can actually grant privileges that holders can use in real life.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Sticky’s and Lunchbox to bring real utility and benefits to the Web3 space with the release of Hungry Robot Chicken Club. The potential of Web3 is limitless and we believe now is the time to begin. to build the infrastructure that can revolutionize the way businesses communicate and interact with their customers. Hungry Robot Chicken Club will deliver significant real value to its holders in addition to allowing holders access to the exclusive HRCC Web3 community. We believe that the infrastructure built during the development of the HRCC, including the NFT Holder Dashboard, will pave the way for restaurants and other web2 businesses to seamlessly enter and thrive in the web3 space.

About the lunch box

Lunchbox is the modern ordering system for restaurants to increase their online revenue. Lunchbox empowers restaurant chains to take control of their digital growth strategy with its suite of products specializing in app and web ordering, customer retention, marketing and order aggregation to increase sales. sales and enhance customer engagement. To learn more, visit

About Sticky. The finger joint

Sticky’s was created out of a love for chicken fingers and a desire to think outside the box as to how a restaurant might serve them. Jon Sherman, the founder of Sticky’s, knew there were plenty of New Yorkers who really loved chicken fingers but didn’t have a great place to get them; and that’s how Sticky’s was born!

Sticky’s is known for its chicken fingers and bite-sized chicken poppers, often served over fries. Sticky’s also serves chicken sandwiches, signature creations where chicken comes in sauce, grilled chicken, wraps and salads. In addition to Sticky’s Chicken, a vegan option is also available with their mushroom poppers. Sticky’s pairs its chicken with more than 18 signature sauces, inspired by cuisines around the world. Sticky’s prepares all of its dishes from scratch in each restaurant, using premium ingredients, including antibiotic-free chicken that is always prepared fresh. Sticky’s has more than a dozen restaurants spread across New York and New Jersey. Sticky’s is home to mouth-watering flavor combinations such as Thai Fiesta Signature Creation and Bacon Mac Fries.

About Visionary Studios

Visionary Studios is a web3 project development company that currently relies on the Solana blockchain. Visionary has developed projects in the music, food, sports and collectibles, games and metaverse industries and maintains working relationships with artists, musicians and writers in television and film . The core Visionary Guild is made up of members from a variety of backgrounds and professions, such as web3 development, law, finance, asset management, and entrepreneurship.

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