Guy Fieri believes the restaurant industry is coming back, interview

As Food Network fans watch Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime, Triple D and even Restaurant Hustle, Guy Fieri is more than an engaging chef who inspires foodies to grab that big bite. His voice has been the rallying cry to lead the restaurant industry on the road to recovery. While he believes the restaurant industry has a path to redemption, it’s not enough to open doors and hope crowds will fill empty tables.

Recently. FoodSided spoke to Guy Fieri where he shared a delicious big game recipe featuring hawaiian kings Motley Que Pork Sliders. While many people will happily recreate this recipe in their home kitchen, Fieri explained why Kings Hawaii also works well in a professional kitchen.

For Fieri, these bread items have the versatility he needs in his restaurants. It’s a brand he trusts. From flavor to ease of use, having such a food in your arsenal is one of the many things that make your restaurants successful.

Does Guy Fieri think restaurants are on the road to recovery?

Many people are hoping restaurants will be bustling again. As everyone navigates the ever-changing rules, it’s more than innovative cuisine and an impressive atmosphere that guarantees full tables.

Fieri stands with his “brothers and sisters in the industry” and believes that “we all need support”. Even though Fieri said “the ship is turned and we’re on our way back to better times,” the journey isn’t necessarily smooth sailing.

Having been in the restaurant industry since she was 13, Fieri said “it was the hardest time”. Still, he believes there has been some good that has been learned from these struggles.

Specifically, Fieri understands that old school ways might need to be improved. While pivot may be an overused word, restaurants and business owners who have adapted well have set themselves up for a path to success.

Fieri thinks it’s important to find the right business model. From delivery to other options, everyone should be open to seeing different paths.

Why does Guy Fieri think everyone should work in the restaurant industry?

As the restaurant industry continues to struggle with labor shortages, Fieri believes it is “one of the greatest industries you can ever work in.” He thinks “we need people to come back and work and get involved”.

Although he’s a cheerleader for the restaurant industry, successful businesses don’t just put delicious food on the table. For Fieri, he wants people to understand the lessons learned in this position.

Specifically, this “teamwork” aspect is the key to successful “customer service”. This ability to work together can help others grow not just in the business, but in any business.

Fieri says without a doubt, “I encourage everyone, at some point in their life, to work in the restaurant industry because I think it really gives you some of the tools you need to not any industry.”

From that first job to a second career, the front and back of the house are open and waiting to welcome people into a team. It may not be the ultimate prize for the keys to a Chicken Guy franchise, but working in the restaurant industry offers a wealth of knowledge.

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