GRUBBRR transforms the restaurant industry

Technology is constantly evolving and this is especially true for the food industry. While some might think the restaurant industry was reluctant to embrace technology and digital solutions, that changed in 2020. Restaurants and bars have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ during the pandemic with even more changes in 2021.

How has technology changed because of GRUBBRR?

According to EHL Insights, restaurateurs and operators in the food and beverage industry have looked beyond traditional methods, changing their model to embrace contactless technology. This includes online ordering, automatic checkouts, delivery, and contactless payments for delivery and pickup.

There has been an unexpected labor shortage this year and new technology has been implemented for this new business model. As a result, self-control bollards have become the norm. According to SMB Management Blog, over 65% of customers surveyed said they would visit the restaurant more often if they had self-service kiosks. In fact, 30 percent said they preferred to order from a kiosk.

One of the latest technologies, GRUBBRR (, powers the all-new Samsung self-service kiosk, increasing customer satisfaction with a custom-designed experience based on GRUBBRR technology. This technology allows restaurants to operate with a smaller, more efficient team. In addition, customers can order directly from the self-service kiosk, ensuring both ordering accuracy and speed.

The kiosk addresses and improves the customer experience, and the installation of kiosks allows

restaurants to streamline efficiency, reducing average transaction time. In

Plus, kiosks always show up, don’t call when sick, and are ready to work 24/7.

GRUBBRR’s automatic ordering kiosks also minimize human contact, eliminate ordering errors, and allow businesses to implement integrations, such as loyalty programs. GRUBBRR now integrates with the Punchh loyalty platform, which enables a restaurant marketing team to help neatly organize a customer journey. GRUBBRR’s loyalty integrations provide businesses with the ability to capture information on consumer history, including the most recent orders, to execute suggestive sales and use discount codes that reward consumers for their more effective communication. .

Customers have high expectations and now expect their favorite restaurants to deliver personalized offers while incorporating the latest technology. It’s the great experiences that nurture customers through a restaurant loyalty program. A personalized restaurant rewards program enables restaurateurs and operators to deliver personalized experiences and offers that generate value and increase sales.

Cash registers (and cashiers) are being replaced by tablet-based point-of-sale systems and become cashless. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) is a digital control panel that allows kitchen staff to follow orders. KDS can assist with inventory management by viewing priority orders, flagging low-stock items, and flagging special dietary requests.

Digital menu boards can display rotating images and videos of products that appeal to the senses in innovative ways. Signs can be updated immediately and visually appealing to customers waiting to place an order.

And the trends in 2022?

Online ordering systems and delivery applications will continue to evolve to meet the needs of customers who now expect to order from any restaurant. Contactless payment will be the preferred method using a smartphone, smart watch or smart card through a contactless app or device. Experts predict that contactless payments will triple from $ 2 trillion to $ 6 trillion globally by 2024.

Online table reservation technology gives customers the freedom to see available times, book their own reservations, and not need staff. The apps also allow restaurants to sell unique dining events and dining experiences. QR codes, a must-have this year, will continue to be used in 2022. Better yet, no app is necessary.

While changing, the food and beverage industry remains viable as people love to eat and drink. Companies like Samsung powered by GRUBBRR and Punchh are integrating the latest technology into a suite of products to help generate revenue, streamline operations and improve customer experiences by creating loyal customers.

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Cecil N. Messick