Foodservice industry understaffed before Cruisin the Coast

GULFPORT, Mississippi (WLOX) – Cruising the East Coast in less than two weeks and boxes full of supplies are piling up.

“This is where the rubber meets the road,” said director of registrations Craig Grisoli. “People are very excited about this. Word of mouth has been spreading for a few years now about our 25th anniversary. “

For the silver milestone, Grisoli said they were offering a silver 1957 Chevrolet convertible. Coast-wide, approximately 1,500 volunteers are ready to move it forward.

“We are known for our auto show, but we are really known for our hospitality. And these volunteers really made the effort to be friendly and helpful, and so on, ”Grisoli said. “So we ask people to be patient. You know, Highway 90 is going to be busy.

Around 9,000 vehicles are expected for a record participation. The drivers come from 45 states and Canada.

“We should have no problem making Cruisin ‘the Coast a memorable experience for everyone,” said Executive Director Woody Bailey.

Ahead of the events that span the coast, Bailey is coordinating with 11 surrounding towns and three counties.

“I finish some of these games and I get our final I’s dotted and T’s crossed out,” he said. “It’s all working well. I feel really good about it.

The cruisin ‘crowd is good for local businesses, but it comes at a time when the restaurant industry faces an ongoing labor shortage.

“Aid is going to be a big problem this year. This has been a big deal last year, almost 2 years now, ”said Buck Lizana, owner of White Cap Seafood. “It will be a challenge, for sure. “

Lizana said he would operate with less than half of his staff during the event.

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