Elon Musk could enter the restaurant industry

The person behind a company that produces electric vehicles seems to be eyeing the restaurant industry for one of their next ventures.

According to a item of TechCrunch, Elon Musk has registered trademarks covering “food services, pop-up food services, self-service food services, take-out food services,” which seems to indicate that the CEO of Tesla could consider creating restaurants that could also theoretically double as EV charging stations while customers dine inside. Details are few at the moment, but Musk hinted at the concept a few years ago in a tweet in which he said: LA. “

A few hurdles to buying electric cars have been the range of vehicles and the time it takes to charge them, although both of these continue to improve, with US News now. showing some cars with a range of more than 250 miles while Kelley Blue Book mention that a few cars are currently capable of charging at a rate of around 12 to 15 miles per minute.

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