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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses operate. It’s become a phenomenal part of the age of constant connectivity. From smart cars to smart cities and kitchen appliances, the IoT aims to better serve customers and increase the efficiency of business operations. The IoT has been seen as a cornerstone in the development of modern technology and has the ability to revolutionize the business age.

The Internet of Things is a technology that has come a long way for many industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, automotive, etc. Basically, IoT is a concept associated with any smartphone device, and the restaurant industry is embracing IoT-centric solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In restaurants, the IoT has already made its way, from improving the customer experience to supporting employees; many changes are on the horizon. Today we lead a life where technology controls everything and makes things easier around us. The technological world around us keeps changing rapidly, which has blown us all away. Gartner predicts that the IoT market will surpass the $ 1,000 billion mark by 2022. Let’s see how IoT is changing the restaurant industry and making it more productive and connected like never before.

IoT in the restaurant industry landscape

Imagine this scenario:

You have received a notification on your smartphone from your favorite restaurant about an appetizing dish available at a reduced price. Now, without hesitation, you will either order a dish or reserve a table. Once you arrive at the restaurant, you will order a dish using a smart menu and make payment. That’s the power of IoT; everything can be done on time with no delay or wait.

Proper functioning plays an important role in the restaurant industry. If you fail to deliver a top-notch customer experience, you could endure negative consequences. A delay in dealing with customer inquiries or a bad customer experience leads to failure, but IoT is a boon to the restaurant industry and is already gaining ground and improving things.

Without a doubt, IoT technology costs more than its traditional counterparts, but it will pay off quickly and add value to your restaurant. Therefore, whether you are a small restaurant or run a restaurant chain, implementing IoT will bring you many benefits and increase the efficiency of your business.

The restaurant is the best sector that can benefit from IoT because it improves the customer experience and reduces operating costs. The main benefits restaurants can gain from running IoT include:

  • Savings on HR and customer service tasks
  • An increase in customer engagement
  • Less maintenance
  • Improved customer experience
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Overall, the implementation of IoT improves the customer experience. Once operations start to improve, you will directly experience a huge increase in revenue generation.

How restaurants are leveraging IoT-centric solutions

Like many other industries, restaurants face stiff competition; they are under constant pressure to deliver a seamless customer experience while spending less. What’s more, today’s modern customers expect a pleasant ambience, great customer service, quality food and more, and restaurateurs are implementing technology to meet these growing demands.

From smooth kitchen operations and inventory management to staff management, IoT makes it easy for restaurants to manage all of these things. Here, we’ve covered some of the best practical IoT solutions we’re seeing in the restaurant industry now. Let’s take a look.

Table Ordered

Today, in the name of convenience, customers place orders from apps like Uber Eats that allow consumers to complete payment before the meal arrives. Moreover, it also facilitates the overall ordering process as it does not require human interaction.

Imagine another situation where customers visit the restaurant and are ready to order, but the staff is busy with someone else. This can frustrate customers. In this case, the IoT comes to the rescue and makes things easier. Using smart IoT systems, customers can place orders from their tables. It is also beneficial for the restaurant staff as there is no risk of errors and miscommunication.


It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that modern technologies have transformed the restaurant scene. Online and connected ordering systems making it easy for customers and restaurants to thigh. Popular brands like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are leveraging IoT and allowing their customers to order, edit, and pay for their orders without depending on staff members.

This creates the perfect space for hyper-personalized ordering systems where mobile apps allow you to create your own meal, change the ingredients, and adjust the quantity. This speeds up the overall ordering process and lets you pick up your meal in under five minutes.

Streamlined workflow

Running a restaurant can be a daunting task; from staff monitoring to maintaining the quality of food to keeping an eye on kitchen appliances, there is much more to be done. Equipment such as ovens, deep fryers, walk-in freezers and other systems require continuous monitoring, and chefs are often asked to check them twice a day and record the data associated with them.

If you fail to maintain the above equipment, it affects the overall long-term productivity and puts additional strain on the restaurant. With IoT, you can maintain kitchen appliances, so that all information is uploaded to the cloud and the data is automatically sent to the restaurant manager.

This will improve the workflow and reduce operating costs, increase the lifetime value of the restaurant and eliminate additional expenses up to a certain level.

Better food waste management

There are a lot of foods used in restaurants, such as vegetables, dairy products, fruits, meat, etc., all of these products are perishable, and you cannot use them in the long term. IoT systems help reduce this food destruction, which means you can see the inventory available in the store and its expiration dates. Restaurant owners can easily know which item to order quickly and which will go to waste, and this information reduces the amount of food waste.

Providing the IoT

The restaurant industry should focus on one goal – improving the customer experience. And most importantly, you can see here that restaurants that run IoT have conquered the cheap and offer the best customer experience. Today, the IoT is ready to improve restaurant operations and wow customers.

Indeed, the IoT is the future of tomorrow’s catering. Whether it’s mobile technology, inventory management, or online delivery, the data generated by IoT will significantly deliver a more personalized experience for customers.

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