Clipper Construction serves the Baltimore restaurant industry as a trusted construction partner

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, Maryland, has announced that it is currently building a bar and restaurant in the Penn Station neighborhood of Baltimore. Indeed, their team of construction professionals have expertise in building restaurants for businesses in Baltimore and surrounding areas, whether it’s renovating an existing building or building a restaurant from scratch. The team of construction professionals that make up Clipper Construction has been accredited by some of the most prestigious organizations in the construction industry, such as Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, OSHA, University of Maryland in Baltimore County and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

Clipper Construction’s team of professionals have knowledge and experience not only in restaurant construction, but also in various aspects of the industry. This allows them to be involved in the architects’ designs, to assess the logistical needs of a particular restoration company, especially in terms of space, and to decide on the materials and finishes to be used.

A spokesperson for Clipper Construction said: “. We are able to assist the owner in the preparation of architectural drawings, the determination of the scope of work, the design of the mechanics by the engineers, the request for tenders of the subcontractors, and even in the submission of documents necessary for the authorities in order to obtain the required permits.

When determining the design of a restaurant building, it is recommended to assess current culinary trends or what people are looking for today when it comes to their dining experience. For example, restaurant chains have lost their appeal because people want to feel like they are being served personally. Large community tables are no longer desired, as people want chef tables where they can communicate with the chef as part of their dining experience. In the kitchen, the tendency is to have different types of fuel sources as chefs prefer to cook without gas, which requires brick fireplaces. On the other hand, gas can still be used for simple preparation tasks and for stocks. Another important consideration is the tendency for restaurants to have doors that can swing open. More ideas can be read on

All of these things should be discussed with the client, architects, engineers, and others involved in the preparation of the design. These are the factors to be considered during the pre-construction process where the specific needs and preferences of the customer are carefully determined and ensuring that the designs conform to these. The pre-construction stage in the construction of a restaurant is the most critical among the different phases as this is where the baseline is established from which the design will be developed. The design process has seven key stages, namely: concept development, subcontractor tendering process, design development, program development, construction documents, permits and tenders.

Clipper Construction was established with the goal of providing commercial construction services in and around Baltimore with the highest possible standard of service while ensuring that business operations are not significantly hampered. The company has a team of qualified and experienced construction professionals in different types and sizes of projects, including restaurants, offices, retail stores, multi-family housing, industrial buildings, non-profit organizations , medical buildings, etc. It is a general trading company capable of engaging in a wide range of industries, such as historic restoration, retail / office fit-out, mixed-use development and adaptive reuse. In addition, they are keen to use cutting edge technology as a means to achieve the best possible efficiency in the construction process and to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget and on time. complete customer satisfaction.

Businesses in need of catering buildings and more in and around Baltimore can visit the Clipper Construction website or contact them by phone or email.


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