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Electronic digital signs in a buffet restaurant (Jason Dexter/pixabay).

Digital menus are a major asset for the entire restaurant industry. Here are some benefits of adding digital menus to your restaurant.

The restaurant industry is constantly changing due to new technologies. One of these technologies is the digital menu. As digital menu boards become more common, some restaurants are also offering digital menus for their seated customers. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of digital menus for the restaurant industry and how they can help your business.

Improved sales

Having digital menus in your restaurant can improve your sales. E-menus make it easy to promote certain items, test promotions, and share limited-time offers. Instead of slipping a list of specialties into each menu and asking your servers to talk about them, the menu can do the hard work and make sure nothing gets lost or overlooked.

Easy customization

When you have multiple menus for different parts of the day, you run the risk of customers requesting dishes from urgent menu parts. With a digital menu. You can customize your digital menus to start and stop at certain times, allowing customers to focus on what’s available at that specific time. This will help your servers communicate more easily with guests, which will increase revenue.


Using a digital menu can help your restaurant become more eco-friendly and profitable. When a change occurs, you don’t need to reprint and ship all of your restaurant menus. Instead, you just need to press a few buttons and edit your items. It is also easier to create new presentations and graphics, which improves creativity and new concepts. Having a wine list on iPad or another tablet, for example, can be especially beneficial when you change your offerings seasonally.

Health and security

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, you might also consider developing an online menu designed to enhance the experience while diners are seated or waiting in the restaurant. This would be an enhanced menu over an online menu used for takeout or delivery menus. The menu can be accessed on the restaurant’s own phones, furthering the health concerns of managing menus that other people have just managed – digital or traditional. If the restaurant is a themed restaurant, the menu can also access a tour of the atmosphere and history of the restaurant, or dive deeper into the cuisine, ingredients, nutritional information and brand information.

Digital menus could also be coordinated with digital signs and seating positions at tables, especially using QR codes.

Improving sales, enabling easy customization and being environmentally friendly are three benefits of digital menus for the restaurant industry. While these are not the only benefits of digital menus, they are some of the most important to consider when deciding whether or not to offer digital menus in your business.



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