Automation is changing the face of the restaurant industry


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Rising costs and continued labor shortages are forcing restaurants to look for ways to improve their operations. Automation is increasingly emerging as a viable solution. A new restaurant automation survey by Capterra found that more than half of restaurant chefs say robots can easily automate restaurant workers with today’s technology, though some jobs remain irreplaceable.

“Catering managers are prioritizing the human touch for roles directly involved in the flow of prepared meals to customers, while implementing automation for more peripheral roles,” said senior analyst Molly Burke. retail at Capterra.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey of restaurant business owners:

-Most restaurants already use automation. Three-quarters of restaurants surveyed currently use automation in three or more business areas.

-Chefs are currently the safest restaurant role. 76% of restaurant chefs say the chef/cook role cannot be easily automated with current technology.

-Managers matter more in chains. 75% of chain or franchise restaurant managers say management staff cannot be easily replaced by automation, compared to only 58% of independent restaurant managers who say the same.

-Automation benefits workers and increases profits. More than three-quarters of leaders say their employees find it easy to use their restaurant’s automation tools, and more than half say revenue has increased since implementing the tools.

You can check out the full report for more insights into how restaurant chefs are approaching automation to support operations, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

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